School communications plans & strategies

What are your school’s current communications strategy and plan? How is it helping you realise the school’s vision and mission? How well is it helping the school community to understand the school’s learning principles?

What’s behind the label of ‘curriculum leader’?

Scanning job advertisements for curriculum management positions supports several insights into the broad application of formal learning in a knowledge-based economy.

The Long History Of Edtech

There’s a long history in education producing school-based publications and media artefacts. Schools produce yearbooks, newsletters and a wide variety of classroom materials and resources, as well as a wealth of school photos and videos.

The Principal As Storyteller-In-Chief

If we don’t tell our story, someone else will, and more often than not, another’s version will not be the one we want told. Leaders need to become storyteller-in-chief…By doing so, we create the means by which we share all of the positives associated with … Read more

Admit it… teaching and learning online isn’t easy!

From Cognitive Load Theory to existentialist threats in the search for truth, all school-based curriculum providers contend within an information-rich digitally enhanced environment.

Learning design transforms pedagogy

The key aim is the development of Year 5/6 students as ‘philosopher citizens’ who participate in an Australian democracy as both ‘thinkers’ and ‘activists’. This is related to information which this phase of learning may now access ‘the future of work’.

Research & Creativity In Curriculum Design

Curriculum design requires both creativity and rigour. I test this approach in THE NONSENSE PROJECT.

Educators giving biographical information in a context.

The question of how much we share of our personal lives in the educational context of schools and classrooms is a vital one. Getting the ‘right balance’ of self-belief and social awareness is even more crucial.