Year 2 Run A Class Parliament

There’s no point in giving them ‘answers’. I think some people want that control which dispensing knowledge gives them. They just want to get to the end result.

Enigma Missions

It’s time for our students to see themselves differently. How do we build in them incredible character and an eternal thirst for learning? How do we develop them into people who don’t settle for the status quo or content to be passengers passively sitting in the backseat?

Connecting Big Ideas

It all started with the overarching idea we were exploring that year around the theme of identity. As a teaching team, we knew we wanted the kids to feel empowered, empowered enough so that they would be motivated to take action in some way to have a positive effect on their world.

Creating A Learning Community

It pushes you so hard, sometimes it’s overwhelming. But it pushes you to find a balance between teaching kids those really important skills, those building blocks, and then, allowing kids to be independent, autonomous … to teach each other, to create spaces, to research, all those things.

What does the public know about what teachers do?

The Monash University report “Perceptions of Teachers and Teaching In Australia” should alarm us all. Could their underappreciation of teachers be largely due to a big dose of ignorance? Here’s how that story goes …

The Long Term View

love the fact that educational innovation happens in Dandenong, the area in which I live. This changes from seeing everything once painted a horrible pale green to knowing we were going implement something extraordinary here was exciting.

A checklist for telling classroom stories

Writing online holds a special challenge for busy school leaders and teachers. Not only do principals and their staff today have to deal with the usual complexities of language, now they have to use multimedia in critically important too.