School Story Experience

School Story is an educational service solving how a schools’ vision is realised through school community digital engagement.

Yarnle & Valuable Online Conversations

Yarnle is the digital conversation foundry: we find meaning for people through shaping, enhancing and preserving valuable online narratives. It provides the desired shape – the context, the questions, the technology into which you hear and reflect on your thoughts, memories, hopes, dreams problems, needs and aspirations.

Sell Our School & Educational Web Presence is a specialist education content developer who works with schools and school web designers to raise school enrolments and increase school community engagement using digital tools. We partner with existing providers of school websites and services to build digital capacity that increases discoverability and improves the quality of a school web presence.

Curriculum Makers, A Partnership With Red Wool Editions

Curriculum Makers is an educational content producer which partners with independent publishers Red Wool Editions. Red Wool Editions are the publishers of Clare Rose Trevelyan’s Young Philosopher’s Series and Past Life Library books, excitingly unique multimodal publications for middle school-aged young people.

Paradoi for Education Businesses

Paradoi inspires investors and firms to grow and defind business value in an age of digital disruption. We Build digital businesses hands on. We grow an idea by identifying the opportunity, hammering tobether a value-driven action plan and physically operanting the firm through to maturity.

DramaLearning & the Importance of Play

Drama Learning provides a unique framework of online professional training for theatre industry practitioners through our ‘Amazing Courses’ framework based on the Content+Concersation model.

Radical Pantomime & Enterprise/Entrepreneurial Education

Radical Pantomime is the home of the Young Comedy Producers Program. It is a comprehensive approach to enabling middle school students, their teachers and whole school community, to learn about the entrepreneurial skills required for managing life in a future ‘gig economy’, brought about by digital disruption.

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