School Stories

As an FLS director, I was to highlight issues that made school leaders and teachers maximise the use of digital technologies in order to create optimal learning environments in classrooms and through remote learning.

The Power Of A School Vision

School Story is an educational service solving how a schools’ vision is realised through school community digital engagement.

Digital Communications Grows Community

Remarkably, there are few accounts for viewing schools as educational (self-) publishers operating in the current highly disrupted publishing industry.

All That A School Story Can Be!

School Story Experience is an educational service for school leaders and their school communities. This article highlights how, at its core, it helps manage the complexities of communicating a schools’ vision and mission through 21st-century digital communication strategies and tools. Most importantly, it sets out how we view the service as a pedagogy-based one, rather than marketing or public relations. Ironically, though, the approach shows that the best advertising for any school are the affirmations which it receives from its own students, staff and parents.

Getting instructions in cyberspace.

Understanding the busyness of online communications may be key to effectively delivering remote learning.

A checklist for telling classroom stories

Writing online holds a special challenge for busy school leaders and teachers. Not only do principals and their staff today have to deal with the usual complexities of language, now they have to use multimedia in critically important too.

School communications plans & strategies

What are your school’s current communications strategy and plan? How is it helping you realise the school’s vision and mission? How well is it helping the school community to understand the school’s learning principles?

The Long History Of Edtech

There’s a long history in education producing school-based publications and media artefacts. Schools produce yearbooks, newsletters and a wide variety of classroom materials and resources, as well as a wealth of school photos and videos.

The Principal As Storyteller-In-Chief

If we don’t tell our story, someone else will, and more often than not, another’s version will not be the one we want told. Leaders need to become storyteller-in-chief…By doing so, we create the means by which we share all of the positives associated with … Read more