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What Next For Curriculum Writers?

Reflections On Professor Geoff Masters Keynote at the Australian Council For Education Research Conference. Professor Masters poses some confronting questions. Why do education systems seemed fixed on sorting students into post-secondary pathways? And why was this at the expense of guaranteeing excellent progress of every student in the K-10 compulsory years of schooling?

Curriculum Maker Project Partnerships

Curriculum Maker projects are productive ways of creating educational content in partnership with independent authors.

Kajabi Pedagogy For Freelancers.

For years I’ve been examining the latest research to help shape curriculum designs – learning theorists, cognitive linguists, educational philosophers and performance theorists. Putting that all together, I believe the Kajabi platform delivers deep learning online, strengthening the collaborative nature of 21st-century teaching and learning.

What I Learned From Six Year Olds & A Rainforest

The 1998 primary arts publication I worked on, which brought together a number of cross-curricular arts project for primary schools, is pictured on the right. As the resource was commissioned by five arts education associations, it was my role as chair of the joint committee … Read more

Creative Use Of Technology

The size of data, the ‘knowledge economy’ and just about anything we can imagine in a Web 2.0 age feels overwhelming. This is why it’s useful to view case studies of what others are doing in applying technologies creatively, to see what is possible and how … Read more

Teaching Vocabulary

There would be little disagreement on the importance of drama and literacy, including broadening and deepening the vocabulary of young people. In the preface to Teaching effective vocabulary , the 2008 Chief Adviser on School Standards in the UK, Sue Hackman, compares having a good vocabulary to … Read more

What does the public know about what teachers do?

The Monash University report “Perceptions of Teachers and Teaching In Australia” should alarm us all. Could their underappreciation of teachers be largely due to a big dose of ignorance? Here’s how that story goes …

What’s behind the label of ‘curriculum leader’?

Scanning job advertisements for curriculum management positions supports several insights into the broad application of formal learning in a knowledge-based economy.

Admit it… teaching and learning online isn’t easy!

From Cognitive Load Theory to existentialist threats in the search for truth, all school-based curriculum providers contend within an information-rich digitally enhanced environment.

Learning design transforms pedagogy

The key aim is the development of Year 5/6 students as ‘philosopher citizens’ who participate in an Australian democracy as both ‘thinkers’ and ‘activists’. This is related to information which this phase of learning may now access ‘the future of work’.