A Fantastic View Of Human Learning

In 2008, I opted to call my education consultancy Fantastic Learning Systems. Phrases like “That’s a fantastic result”! and “Fantastic work!” trumpet high praise for students in our classrooms. So, I thought, why don’t I use the phrase to focus on what is known about the best ways of human learning? But a lot has changed in thirteen years. The first thing I’d do today is ask an audience of curriculum makers, what do you think? Do you see any sense of aiming for the fantastic as a creator of learning experiences?

Laughter, Radical Pantomime

Radical Theatre Entrepreneurial Education

I look at entrepreneurs and their use of technologies to develop modern creative industries. I specifically examined the powerful trends of local pantomime producers to create sustainable work in a ‘gig economy’. In the last five years I have been re-writing my initial findings to establish ways the pantomime context can teach employability and entrepreneurial skills to K-10 students.


Kajabi Pedagogy For Freelancers.

For years I’ve been examining the latest research to help shape curriculum designs – learning theorists, cognitive linguists, educational philosophers and performance theorists. Putting that all together, I believe the Kajabi platform delivers deep learning online, strengthening the collaborative nature of 21st-century teaching and learning.